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In the fall of 2001, singer/songwriter Kristy Jackson, wrote and recorded a song, “Little Did She Know (She’d Kissed A Hero)

In the fall of 2001, singer/songwriter Kristy Jackson, wrote and recorded a song, “Little Did She Know (She’d Kissed A Hero)”

The song quickly became the #1 most requested song on the largest radio stations in New York City and other major markets as it captured the hearts of listeners in the aftermath of 9/11. Kristy received over 5,000 emails. One hundred and sixty powerful excerpts of these first-person outpourings are now available in the new book, Little Did She Know She’d Kissed A Hero, which gives an intimate account of the impact of 9/11 and the resilient spirit of the American people.

The book presents stories from:

o EMT’s, Police Officers, Firefighters, Pilots & Military
o Wives Who Waited
o Kids and Parents
o Students and Teachers
o Men Who Cried
o Other Countries
o Anniversary Reflections

Pennsylvania State Senator, Jane Orie, wrote the book’s foreword. It also includes the remarkable story of the song’s inception, lyric and how it began as an mp3 and traveled on the Internet around the world. After manufacturing a single CD, sales were documented in every state of the US and 17 countries. It also, includes radio programmers’ reaction as the song impacted listeners. This book, a landmark in American history, is available with the single audio CD of “Little Did She Know” and is available at www.littledidsheknow.com or www.kristyjackson.com.

Note: Kristy, turning down a major label deal and its stipulations, remained independent donating all royalties from airplay and half the net proceeds from CD sales and raised over $30,000 for 9/11 charities. She was proclaimed by both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania State Legislatures for the healing effects of her song and her charity. In the 10 years following 9/11, Kristy was asked to perform the song at numerous events. She never charged for a performance.

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